Participate in an unprecedented war between empires


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MegaGlest is a free, open-source strategy game that takes place in real time and is set in a fantasy world where seven large factions are constantly at war.

These factions (the wizards, the technocrats, the Indians, the Romans, the Nordics, the Persians, and the Egyptians) have to face one another constantly on the battlefield to fight for the dominance of their respective cultures. Each faction has its own variety of buildings and exclusive units, along with its own advantages and disadvantages with respect to the other factions.

When starting each battle, your main objective is to try to find and collect as many resources as possible. These resources are split into energy, stone, wood, and food, and are absolutely necessary to construct different buildings and units that can be developed throughout the game.

You have to be especially careful when investing resources, since they're limited. A series of bad decisions might lead you to inevitable defeat at the hands of your enemies.

MegaGlest is a very detailed real-time strategy game that continues in the footsteps of the legendary (but discontinued) Glest, offering a similar experience where planning and war instincts take precedence over ability and reflexes.
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